Round Two.

Hello Everyone or anyone that still checks this page.

Yep I’ve been gone for a while.  I needed to regroup and retry the work force. Okay so that didn’t work out due to a failing knee and the abundance of stairs I had to face everyday. But while I was gone I couldn’t get writing out of my mind and soul, so I’m here to try it again and see if I can hit the “big time” or at least the middle time. Become-a-writerYou are so welcome to join me on this journey into the unknown and together we’ll see if it’s worth it to give it one more try. Enjoy your day.


Work Update.

Become-a-writerOkay so here’s the news…Beau Coup Publishing who previously publish my first three books has sadly closed their doors. That leaves me and my three , almost four books with no where to go, so I had decided to self-publish all of them but the plans have changed for the time being. I just rewrote and sent Angele’s Dreams of Yesterday ( now known as Angel’s Dreams) to a new publisher but here’s the thing…I won’t hear from them for at least three months, so rather than wait around I am going to attempt to rework and republish my first two books myself.
Now keep in mind this is no easy feat, so I’m working my little fingers to the bone trying to fix any problems and wrangle my way through Create Space to make this happen.
I appreciate all of you who come to visit my sites and might be wondering just what the heck is going on.
Please hang in there and you will be the first to know when all this comes together. Thanks and have a wonderful day.



So some news on the publishing front. I have decided to jump into the self-publishing thing and re-publish Angelea’s Dreams of Yesterday as Angels Dreams. It will be the first book of a new series call NAB That Ghost Investigations. The second book, I’ve been calling the Ghost on Butterfly Lane will be renamed Angels Welcome. I hope to have at least three books in this series, before I move on to something else.
Now all I have to do is figure out all the in’s and outs of this and I’ll get back to you…lol.
Take care everyone, enjoy your week and the big Super Bowl game .

Great for this holiday season.
First time reading from this author and it will not be the last time. The storyline was superb and the characters were real.
Pick up this story or anyone of my three books for a gift or for your own holiday reading. Enjoy
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