Solitary Dreamer Excerpt For Your Reading Enjoyment.

romantic, solitary dreamer

Excerpt from Solitary Dreamer On Amazon Now. 5 Star, and only 3.99 . Grab your copy now.
Your grandmother is an extremely wise lady. It seems to me you got so much from her already and you don’t even know it. You’re exactly like her you know?”
Her eyes questioned him. “No way, I can’t think of anyone further from her than me. Except possibly my mom.”
He went and sat next to her. Moving even closer, close enough to feel her breath on his face and gazing into her eyes, he said, “I disagree. You have her beautiful soft green eyes, her sweet feisty attitude and you have the most enticing lips I’ve ever seen.”
Sensing his intentions she wanted to break the mood and considering he gave her the perfect opening she said, “Oh so you think my grandmother, a woman ninety years old has enticing lips?”
He sat back quickly and realized she was kidding. But he was determined to ignore the humor so he drifted back to her lips and kissed her willing mouth before she could protest or God forbid keep putting him off. He was shocked when she kissed him back. It seemed natural to her now but him becoming increasingly intense started to turn on her fight or flight response.
She wanted him now, no more playing at this. He was the most intriguing, sexy man she’d ever met. This all felt so right and wrong at the same time. Trying to fight the panic and the way her heart pounded, she pushed on. She willed her body to respond. She was going to be with him, her mind be damned.


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