Solitary Dreamer Teaser.

10799452_10152924177675439_1045549689_nSolitary Dreamer coverExcerpt from Solitary Dreamer now on Amazon.
Returning a short time later, she watched him sleep while she enjoyed her coffee. He had managed to get under some covers and the only thing visible was his big old snout. She loved this. It almost felt like a true home with a pet and everything. Everything but a husband. Yeah she had one, but not the one she needed.
She needed a guy that understood her past and loved her for it anyway. Someone who would support her wanting to write for a living and someone who thought she was special. A guy that wanted her in his life, not just put up with her. She wanted kids and a dog or three and a full life and it was time to go after that life. But for now she had to find Flashes owner and return the wayward pooch before she decided to keep him.
“Flash come on boy, we have to go find Logan. Where did you leave him huh? I bet he’s worried sick about you. Come on let’s go.” She waved her hand over him with no response from the sleepy hound. He wasn’t about to leave the luxurious bed. He opened his eyes gave her a grunt and went back to sleep.
“Oh no, no, no you don’t get to sleep any longer, it’s time to get your butt up and move
on Flash…come on…hey you want a cheeseburger?


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