Advice to Aspiring Authors – Ten Tips

Christina Cole Romance

As a published author, I’m often asked to give advice about the art and craft of writing. When I make guest appearances or do interviews, one of the questions I hear frequently is “What one piece of advice would you give an aspiring author?” I’m also an active participant in the Lovestory romance group at the Internet Writing Workshop, offering critiques on romances from all genres.

I’ve been writing for many years — fiction, non-fiction, and poetry — and over those years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, Mistakes, of course, can be useful if we’re willing to look at the problems and learn from what we’ve done wrong.

I’ve learned, too, from authors and editors, from writing instructors, classes, workshops, textbooks, and of course, from readers.

Whenever I hear questions about giving advice to aspiring authors, I can draw upon a great deal of personal experience. The challenge…

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