Happy St. Patricks Day. Go TO THE BLOG HOP!! WIN PRIZES

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The stress weighed on her more and more. The morning sun blinded her as she open the door for business. If everything around her was so bright and alive why did she feel herself dying more and more everyday. She was caught in a loop of life, everything was the same,no memories,no family and most of all no idea what to do about it. The guys tried to help but she knew she had hit this black wall of nothingness and just a little beyond that was Alexander. He was the only person that really belonged in her life. How could she not be with him? But then how could she…he was obviously not of this world anymore,he was long dead.

That’s a blurb from one of my books. Take a guess at which one for a chance to win an autographed paperback of Solitary Dreamer. Then check out the other blogs in the hop,for more chances to win other books.

Hi Everyone. I have a free giveaway going through next Saturday. Right here I am giving a way one free autographed copy of Solitary Dreamer. All you have to do is visit here and leave a comment, or a guess on the blurb above then on March 22. I will choose a winner from anyone that left a comment. Say hello, ask a question, whatever you’d like to say. The winner will be announced on March 22, 2015.

This is all going on during a blog hop, and the links below where you can also win copies of other authors books. I will be giving away an e-book of Angelea’s Dreams of Yesterday on that blog. Visit there and you will have another chance to win my book or someone else’s. It’s a Blog hop and it will be a blast. So come on by and say hello between March 14 and the 21 and possibly win a free book for your spring reading enjoyment. Check out all the links below.



Links for my books.


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