Blogging. Just my opinion.

Hi I’ve seem many blogs in my journey through being an author. I never saw Blogs before or even cared to read one. From what I can see they are all just peoples opinions pure and simple. Now granted I have them, I listen to them and I appreciate everyone’s right to have one, but I personally don’t see the point in writing every thought I have every single day down so I can say I have a blog.
Doing them as a requirement to be legitimized as a writer or a person is crazy. Besides I am not one of those people who have an overwhelming amount of things to say.
I love and appreciate people who come to my web-site to check out news about my newest book more than I can say. But do you really want or need my opinions thrown at you every day or every week or every month for that matter?
So to end this I will, when there is a major event as far as my books are concerned, write them here for everyone to see. If you have a thought on one of thempic for avatar. or questions I’d love to talk to you about that, please know I’m here if you need me, but I’m not going to regularly have a lot of content just so there’s something here to look at. Please stop by if your interested in my books or have a comment and as always, have a great day. Linda


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