Excellent article.

Katherine Rhodes

You all hate blurbs.

I did a search in my Facebook feed for “write blurbs” and I’m not kidding it came with the first 10 responses as:
I HATE WRITING BLURBS!!! (<~~actual amount of exclamation points varied)
The problem is:

No blurb, no buys.

So let’s start with the basics. You want to tell your audience about your book without giving away the plot. Your basic concept is summed up easily.

Ariel-seduction-ursula-521689You are going to convinced your audience eventually that you ARE more than just the Boobs, but you have to show the goods before anyone wants to know more. Start with a summary.

Oh, God, did I say summary? YES, I did. You can’t build a blurb without know what you’re talking about. We’re going to trim and tuck and show it off, but if you don’t have a basic summary, you may as well just toss in…

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