Celebrating One Year as a Published Author


Hi everyone. Wow it’s been a long year. I’d love to say it flew by but I would be lying. I have three published books now and all I can say is thank God I lived through it. These book have been around my house for a long time before I ran into the wonderful people at Beau Coup Publishing. With their help, a life long dream of mine has come true. It’s hard work but it’s a labor of love. Many long hours at the computer and a few chair replacements (I’ve worn out a few) are the result of working on my books.
I am in the midst if writing a new book tentatively called Seventy-three Butterfly Lane about a woman who wants to open a bed and breakfast in her lovely old mansion, but something there has different plans. I’m hoping she makes it to her grand opening, but I have my suspicions she may be halted along the way by some very nasty spirits. You and I will both be surprised by the ending. No I have no idea how it will end. We’ll both have to wait and see.
So stay tuned to this site and as soon as it’s done and to the publisher I will let you know. But in the mean time be sure to go to my Facebook page and say Hi to win an autographed copy of Solitary Dreamer a romance that has a few surprises of it’s own. http://www.facebook.com/lindal.picl Have a great day.


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